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Wednesday, August 15, 2007

The long and short about I Am Not A Kaypoh

Before I say anything, I just want everyone to know that I am not those kaypoh type of people who spreads malicious gossips. But I just have to share what I saw just now.

I was on my way home from yet another light char kway teow supper, when of all people, I have to bump into Ms Tan and her ‘friend’ again.

The only difference is that this time, they saw me too.

Ms Tan: Daddy, this is Sibeh Sian.

Ms Tan: He is the idiot who told the entire office that I’m your kept woman.

I was left speechless. I still can’t believe I heard Ms Tan confessing she has a sugar daddy!

With Love,
Sibeh Sian

P.S. I think I will play smart this time and only tell the Office Cleaning Auntie about this. Heh.


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