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Sunday, August 05, 2007

The long and short about I Have No Idea Why

I have no idea why, but all the women around me seems to be pissed with me.

My Mum:
My mum is pissed with me because I overslept and did not accompany her to the market this morning. She responded by not cooking my favorite chicken chop for lunch, and made me some yucky fish porridge instead. Not that I'm mean or anything, but it was so bad even my mum refused to touch it after a while. We eventually compromised and ordered KFC.

Office Bimbo:
For some reason she is pissed that Nerd is making good progress on KFC Counter Girl. I think she is upset because our relationship is moving at a snail’s pace in comparison. I think I shall be kind to her by bringing her some of the leftover fish porridge fish porridge that I saved just for her.

By the way she denied that she was the one who sent me the damn nice poem when I asked her about it. I never knew she was so shy, but I guess that’s how girls behave when they are in love. Sibeh heng I read those Teenage magazines last time, otherwise I would have absolutely no idea what makes girls tick sia.

Ms Tan:
Suffice to say, she was very pissed with me for spilling the beans on her. Being the Clever Boy I am, I attempted to salvage the situation by emailing everyone that I was drunk that night so what I saw may not necessarily be true. My Boss responded by telling me “You hong gan lah! Why never share such juicy news with me earlier :D?”

I hope I did the right thing, because she just messaged me to tell me to report to her office the first thing in the morning again. I don’t believe in bribery, but I think I shall bring some bean curd for her just in case she gets hungry.

Why am I feeling the Monday blues already?!?!?

With Love,
Sibeh Sian


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