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Monday, October 15, 2007

The long and short about The Trip III

I’m finally back! Back to blogging that is, heh.

To make a long story short, the past week had been a hellish week at work. I have been staying in the office way past my working hours and managed to reach home only at around midnight. I have absolutely no idea why Ms Tan was so nasty to me because by all accounts, I took great care of her during our week-long trip to Adelaide.

The Plane Ride:
Although I don’t like Ms Tan, I feel a sense of responsibility towards her because I am the only Man in this two-man trip. So I took the safety video instructions very seriously when the other passengers were busy reading/eating/sleeping. I even tried on the safety vest, which I kind of regretted because the stewardess had to rescue me after I accidentally inflated the damn thing.

I knew it was not going to be a very fun trip because the only thing Ms Tan said to me throughout our ride was “Excuse me I need to go to the washroom.” I also think she’s on a diet because she refused supper, so I helped myself to her breasts. As in her portion of the grilled chicken breast, ahem.

The Hotel:
Horror of horrors, the apartment our Boss booked was fully booked, and there was no way we could switch to separate rooms. The only consolation was that it was two single beds instead of one Queen, heh.

I really pity Ms Tan’s future hubby because, my goodness, it was a pain in the ass sleeping with Ms Tan. The mad woman insisted on burning this weird smelling aroma therapy oil at night, and it drove me mad because I absolutely cannot stand aroma therapy. To make matters worse, I forgot to pack my 風油 and there was no way I could rid myself of the horrible headache.

The Socialising:
Our Aussie host was very nice and hospitable, and brought us to a very nice and filling breakfast the next day. He also asked me if I had a good night’s rest, which I unfortunately have to reply “No I didn’t because she was driving me crazy in bed with her oil and I forgot to bring mine.” There was an awkward silence after that until my host broke into a nervous laugh, which I have no idea why because I don’t find that funny. Ms Tan didn’t find that funny either because she looked very pissed.

I hate to say this, but there’s really nothing much to do in Adelaide. I think Ms Tan really enjoys the casino though, because she spends most of our free time at night there. Which was a good thing for me, because I could read the Playboy National Geographic I bought undisturbed :)

The Presentation:
Besides the site visits and socializing, the main reason why we were in Adelaide in the first place was to give this big-assed presentation to our very important Aussie partners.

I thus got the shock of my life when Ms Tan took out my Playboy magazine from her briefcase.

Ms Tan was equally shocked too, and that was when I realized I had mistakenly placed the slide handouts into my briefcase instead of hers, and left my Playboy in hers instead. But being the very Clever Boy I am, I rectified the awkward situation by shouting, “I bought donuts for everyone :)!”

The Plane Ride Home:
I accidentally inflated the damn life jacket again!

I think Ms Tan don’t like me very much.

With Love,
Sibeh Sian


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