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Monday, April 10, 2006

The long and short about Why I’m Sibeh Sian

This post is in response to Adrenaline's comment about me choosing to be a virgin: Adrenaline, my dear, some things in life are not by choice.

My dismal existence as a dead-end office dweller, aged 27 and ½, is just a glimpse of my life as a perpetual under-achiever.

While my peers are happily in the process of upgrading their Toyotas to the Jaguar, I can’t afford my first driving lesson yet.

Actually, they are trying to upgrade to a Beemer, but Jaguar rhymes better.

I’m 15 cm short of my ideal height of 1.75m.

I’m skinny everywhere except at the waist.

Friends have commented that I look like the Asian version of Brad Pitt, without the Brad Pitt.

I think credit card approvers have a secret vendetta against me.

My mum has been trying to marry me off to a 1.98m distant cousin, albeit without much success.

I’m still trying desperately to lose my virginity.

The first and last IRC date I had turned out to be a she-man.

I’ve once missed striking Big Sweep by a single digit.

My backside is unusually hairy.

The only person who remembers my birthday is my mother.

And that’s the reasons why I’m sibeh sian.

With Love,
Sibeh Sian


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