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Monday, November 20, 2006

The long and short about The Common Mistakes Dumpees Make After Getting Dumped

Mistake #01: Hang around places where you and your dumper used to hang around
Hanging out at such places will undoubtedly stir painful memories, which may in turn evoke suicidal thoughts. Going by this train of logic, it is a very bad idea to bring your dates home.

Mistake #02: Listen to songs
Sad songs will only make you sadder, so you shouldn’t listen to sad songs after getting dumped. Happy songs will make you feel like slapping happy people because you are not happy. Songs that are neither sad not happy will make you feel dulan. So please don’t listen to songs after getting dumped.

Mistake #03: Contact your dumper
If you got dumped unceremoniously, it is not a very good idea to contact your dumper. Unless he or she happens to owe you money. Lots of money.

Nerd committed all three mistakes in the span of an afternoon.

1) He did his exam revisions in the school library, where he and Heartless Girl used to hang out.

2) His heart ached for her after listening to “I Will Always Love You”, so he sent an SMS to her that went “If I still mean anything to you, I’m just a SMS away.”

3) She replied “Can you help me with my revisions?”, so Nerd spent the afternoon helping her.

4) Nerd thought they have patched back, but it turns out that she just wants him to help with revisions only.

Oh well.

With Love,
Sibeh Sian


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