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Wednesday, November 15, 2006

The long and short about Heartless Girls Part II

On behalf of Nerd, I would like to thank everyone for the love and concern shown. Although he has no idea there are so many people rooting for him, I’m sure he will be happy if he knows.

I finally got the full picture of what happened. Apparently, Nerd was giving a surprise supper for his Heartless Girl to cheer her on for the exams. It turned out that he was the one surprised instead because he caught her smooching this guy in her hostel room. I think I am a curse because that was what happened to Sushi Eating Friend a long time ago. Oh well.

Nerd is in a sad state. He didn’t have much appetite, so I gallantly helped him finish his fries and nuggets at Mc’s last night. I have a terrible feeling that he is going to fail his coming exams, because he has only done about 10% of his revisions. I hope he will not be like me, who almost had to repeat a semester after failing a module. We belong to a sad breed of nerds: even though we are nerdy, we are not very good at studies. Sigh.

After dinner I dragged him to KTV with the hope that he will sing his blues out. That turned out to be a bad idea because he started crying after singing 分手快樂. That happened again when he heard 我不難過 from some ah beng’s handphone when we were on the train. I know it is a very hard time for Nerd, but I really hope he will stop sobbing in public because everyone was looking at us in a weird manner.

I finally couldn’t bear it any longer and tried to knock some sense into him:

Me: Get it grip on yourself Nerd! This kind of girl is not worth your tears!

Nerd: You wouldn’t understand it Mr Sian. . . . (sob sob)

Me: Of course I understand! I’ve been rejected and cheated for many, many times before!

Nerd: You really wouldn’t understand it Mr Sian. . . .

Nerd: . . . .

Nerd: . . . . She took away my virginity le. . . . (sob sob. . . .)

I am officially the only virgin in my group of friends.

With Love,
Sibeh Sian


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