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Monday, November 06, 2006

The long and short about The Case Of The Mysterious Bean Curd Part II

I have been in agony since Thursday night because of food poisoning.

For those who had food poisoning before, you will know that despite the MC, having food poisoning is not very fun because you will make many, many trips to the loo, and because your backside will become very, very sore. And now I am on another day of MC after suffering constipation from the previous medication. The irony of it, heh.

Anyway, being a Man of Action, I decided not whine and wonder about who gave me the bean curd, and do something about it instead. So I asked the people in the office last Thursday if they were the one who gave me the bean curd. Here’re their replies:

Office Bimbo: Was the bean curd branded?

Random Co-worker #01 (Male): Sorry Sian, but I’m straight.

Random Co-worker #02 (Female): Sorry Sian, but I’m gay.

Office Cleaning Auntie: 哈哈,auntie 沒有送你豆花吃啦。你是不是要請 auntie 去看電影 :) ?

Chinese Cooked Food Auntie: (In an accusing tone) I don’t sell bean curd.

Boss: You go hong gan lah you!

So I have narrowed the list down to Miss Tan. I shall confront her tomorrow when I get back to work. Please pray for me!

With Love,
Sibeh Sian


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