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Friday, October 27, 2006

The long and short about The Ono Lisa Concert

I almost didn’t make it for the concert with Sushi Eating Friend because Ms Tan tried to make me work overtime. It was a bit too much because I have been working overtime for many, many days already, and I think she knew it was my birthday because she was the one who passed me my company birthday card in the morning.

Where is the love?!?!?!

In the end, I wormed off after telling her I was going to the canteen to buy food for her. I think she was a bit pissed because when she called to ask why I was taking such a long time, I told her I meant I was getting her breakfast for the next morning. Heh.

Sushi Eating Friend was in a happy mood when I met up with her. Her office threw a surprise birthday party for her during tea time, and even gave her half the day off to go shopping. I asked her if there are any job openings in her company, but she cryptically replied “There are enough loser-male types in the office already.” I have no idea what that has got to do with me though. Haha.

Besides being in a happy mood, Sushi Eating Friend was in a generous mood too. She said that since she gets to watch the concert for free because of me, she is buying me dinner at any restaurant that I fancy. She looked flabbergasted when I told her my choice, but we ended up where I wanted anyway.

After the very fulfilling dinner at KFC, we made our way to the Esplanade. That was a very momentous moment in life for me because it was the very first time I’m in the Esplanade. Being the suaku I am, I started taking pictures of the place after we were seated. I have no idea why, but Sushi Eating Friend looked kind of embarrassed when I started snapping away.

The concert started promptly, and even though I am no fan of Bossa Nova, I found myself humming along to the songs. I was very happy with Ono sang Take Me Home Country Road because it brought back happy memories of my very brief tenure as a boy scout. Come to think of it actually, the memories were not very happy, but never mind. Haha. I think my mum would have enjoyed the concert too because she did 何日君再來 for encore, heh.

Sushi Eating Friend was nice enough to offer me a ride home when the concert ended, and we had this conversation on our way to the car park.

Sushi Eating Friend: Hey. You lied when you said the tickets were sponsored by your client right?

Me: *Gasp* How did you find out?!?!?

Sushi Eating Friend: The ticket receipt has your name on it.

There is no cure for stupidity.

With Love,
Sibeh Sian


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