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Thursday, October 12, 2006

The long and short about The Chinese Cooked Food Auntie

Hello everyone :D!

Thanks for your kind comments to my previous post, but I must stress this very important point: I am not interested in Sushi Eating Friend. Serious. We have been platonic friends for ages, and even though I am dying to lose my status as a soon-to-be 28 year old virgin, I will do nothing to jeopardize that friendship. Really. I think.

Anyway, I have been feeling poetic lately, so here’s a poem about something that happened to me last week:

The Chinese Cooked Food Auntie

There was once this Chinese cooked food auntie,
Who cooked at the nearby eatery.
I lunched at her stall nearly daily,
And she pampered me with lots of gravy.

Then one day while I was eating,
I noticed a weird looking piece of ikan bilis.
On closer inspection I screamed,
For it was a fried lizard tail with cream.

I marched up to my Chinese cooked food auntie,
And exclaimed I didn’t order KFL with cream.
She tried denying vehemently,
Until I showed her the rest of the poor lizard’s body.

“Come come boy!” she tried to pacify me,
“Let me make you an offer you can’t resist!”
Then she dragged me behind the dark alley,
Where she tempted me with three days’ worth of fried chicken wings.

Oh that evil Chinese cooked food auntie!
She knew my weakness well and grabbed it!
I hope I won’t be caught by the CPIB,
For I have been bribed by the Chinese cooked food auntie.

-Sibeh Sian
Autumn, 2006

Just in case you are wondering, the chicken wings were very nice and crunchy :)

With Love,
Sibeh Sian


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