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Monday, October 02, 2006

The long and short about My Stay With Nerd

When people gets swarmed with work, you are likely to hear the words “I need a break” from them. I am no different, but being a Man of Action, I decided to walk the talk and applied for leave last week. It happened to be Nerd’s mid-semestral break, and when he asked me to spend the week over at his place, I jumped at the offer.

I am so glad I did because it was enormous.

I knew Nerd was rich, but I had no idea he was actually staying at a 3-storey high bungalow with a garden, a pool, and a tennis court. Yes, a blardy tennis court. If I am his maid, I will dress sexily every day and seduce him by showing a boob or two I tell you.

Anyway, I didn’t swim or play tennis because I don’t know how to, and because I was busy playing 三国无双 with Nerd. He also offered to guide me along Fatal Frame, but I declined because the cover was very scary, haha. I think I will give up blogging if I ever buy a PS2 because it’s so damn addictive. To Adrenaline, if you are reading this: PS3 should be released in late November :)

Of course, my stay at Nerd’s was not just spent on games. We talked late into the night, and I got to know him much better. His folks are seldom at home, and according to Nerd, that has been the way since childhood. He occupied his free time by playing a lot of computer games, and he said that’s the reason why he trashed me at every game, haha.

He also has an elder brother who, according to pictures, was handsome, hunky, and graduated from MIT. I asked Nerd whether he ever felt suicidal because it was apparent that he was missing a large chunk of family genes. He replied with a cryptic ‘haha’ that didn’t say much. According to pictures too, he has a very sweet and cute younger sister, and I immediately asked if she was attached and if I stood a chance. I have no idea why, but he replied with a ‘haha’ too.

Before I knew it, my three-day-two-night stay at Nerd’s up. Even though I didn’t exactly appreciate his snoring, I was very reluctant to leave because I had a really good time. I also bid a very emotional farewell to his PS2.

I suspect his mum was happy to see me go though. She looked very, very disturbed when she saw me and Nerd emerging together from the steaming Jacuzzi the other day.

With Love,
Sibeh Sian


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