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Wednesday, March 14, 2007

The long and short about The Job

Being a Man of Action, I was actively looking for a job in the two weeks when I was ‘jobless’. After spending an incredible amount of time on job search databases, I found one which sounded really promising. This company was offering the position of a management trainee, and promised an attractive remuneration package and a fast career advancement path for good performers.

I was a bit worried because I never did ‘face-to-face marketing’ before, but since the advert stated that no experience is required, I submitted my application to XYZ company (no real names mentioned here, haha). To my surprise, I got a response from them the very next day. I was even more surprised because they informed me that I was among the very few who was chosen from the thousand odd applicants. Finally, someone who appreciates my talent! Heh.

So I went for the interview in my tie and blazer, and was a bit worried because despite it being an MNC, I couldn’t find any information of the company on the web. But I was assured by the sight of the very attractive Sweet Young Thing manning the reception, who directed me to my interviewer who was a Sweet Young Thing too. The interviewer was rather fierce though, and made me switch off my handphone in front of her before entering the interview room.

So I entered the interview room, which was really more like a conference room because there must be at least thirty or forty of us interviewees there. The Fierce Young Thing first congratulated us on being the cream of the crop for landing this interview, and then proceeded to give a presentation about the job. And my oh my, it was such an attractive job! We were told that if our performance is good, we can expect to earn at least $5,000 a month, and more when we become team managers or even partners of the firm. They even showed testimonials from previous management trainees who were obviously doing very well because they were driving a BMW before they were 30. What an attractive job!

I was then assigned to a mentor who gave a very motivating speech about how much I can earn if I work hard enough. She was such a nice person, she decided to show me the ropes by bringing me along on her field trip to Orchard Road.

We were supposed to market this tour package thingy that day, and even though I knew absolutely nothing about the tour, my mentor assured me I can learn through observation, which was what I did. My mentor first approached this ang mo, and asked him if he was a Singaporean. The ang mo replied no, and my mentor excitedly exclaimed that he was in luck because the company was doing a special promotion for foreigners, and he was eligible for a 30% discount if he signed up. The ang mo politely said he was not interested before walking away, and I thought I heard my mentor mutter ‘chao ang mo’ under her breath, haha.

She then approached a couple, who replied they were Singaporean. I thought that was a pity because that means they wouldn’t be eligible for a discount, so I was surprised when my mentor excitedly exclaimed that they were in luck because the company was doing a special promotion for locals, and were eligible for a 30% discount. The couple walked away hurriedly, and my mentor angrily shouted ‘rude Singaporeans!’. Haha.

My mentor asked if I have learned anything, and I said yes. She then told me to try selling the product, and I decided to approach this auntie who was heading towards me.

Me: Hello 小姐! Are you a Singaporean?

Me: You are in luck because Singaporeans are eligible for a 30% discount on our travel packages!

Auntie: Eh, I’m Malaysian.

Me: Don’t worry! Non-Singaporeans are eligible for the 30% discount too!

The auntie walked away hurriedly, and for some reason my mentor was pissed. She told me to forget about the job and told me to go home. I was very sad because I did exactly what she was doing but got blamed for it. Sigh.

What a pity, I could be earning $5,000 a month and have my own BMW if the interview worked out! Oh well.

With Love,
Sibeh Sian


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