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Thursday, October 25, 2007

The long and short about My Birthday

Hello everyone! Sorry for not blogging much recently, but I’ve been feeling kind of depressed recently. As of today, I am officially a 29 year old virgin :(

I didn’t want to spend my birthday all alone, so I asked Nerd a week back if he was free to come over for some Wii action tonight. And walau, he said he wasn’t because his KFC Girl has booked him for some stuff already. I hate to say this, but I really haven’t been hanging out with Nerd much ever since he got together with his beloved KFC Girl. I find it hard to blame him because if I have a Special Someone whom I can call my own, I will probably spend all my waking (and hopefully non-waking, heh) moments with her too. Oh well.

I was half hoping that maybe he or Office Bimbo will surprise me with a “HAPPY BIRTHDAY :)!” kind of thing today at the office, but that didn’t happen. So I took a half day off in the afternoon to cheer myself up. I think that was a bad decision because I wasted it by wondering aimlessly around at Funan looking at computer stuff which I can’t afford :(

I wanted to have a nice dinner at KFC, but decided to do a take-away instead because a kid was holding his birthday party there and the place was quite noisy. It was another bad decision because by the time I reach home the chicken was damn cold already. I tried to heat it up with my oven, but of all days it has to choose today to be spoilt. The coleslaw was a bit “chao seng” also :(

I played my Wii for a while but it didn’t feel that fun today, so I went to bed early. But after tossing and turning for hours I ended up sitting in front of my computer instead.

I wish I have the guts to call her, but I am a loser.

I wish you had a happy birthday, my Sushi Eating Friend.

With Love,
Sibeh Sian


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