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Tuesday, December 12, 2006

The long and short about Chia Xin Lian

I like my new name very much. When I answer the phone nowadays, I’ll go “Hello! This is Lorenzo!”, which rhymes and makes me smile. I really should be in customer service.

Anyway, I bear sad news today. The Chinese cooked food stall at the canteen has been forced to close after failing a hygiene inspection. I am very sad because I’ve been faithful customer to the stall since I joined the company. I even went on a hunger strike to protest against the closure, but gave up after a few minutes because I was getting really hungry. Sigh.

To commemorate my beloved Chinese Cooked Food Auntie, I have penned another poem for her:

In Memory of Chia Xin Lian

Oh Chia Xin Lian oh Ah Lian! Auntie from Canteen Two.
My tears swell like wantons, when I think of your yong tau foo.
Sweet and sour pork, kang kong with mushroom.
Your chicken wings were fried, and now you are fired too.

-Sibeh Sian
Winter, 2006

Please excuse me while I go grab a piece of tissue.

With Love,
Sibeh ‘Lorenzo’ Sian

P.S. Updated my poems link le.


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