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Friday, December 01, 2006

The long and short about My Reason For Running The Marathon


As you can guess, my computer is still dead, so I am sibeh, sibeh sian. I am writing this entry at the risk of losing my job because Ms Tan just warned the entire office recently that anyone caught doing anything other than work in the office will be severely ‘disciplined’. Oh well.

Anyway, I am so very, very dead. The marathon is coming in less than two days’ time, and I am woefully unprepared. The reasons for my woeful unpreparedness are as follows:

1) I was unable to train because of the damn haze.

2) I was unable to train after the damn haze was over because it has been raining quite frequently.

3) It feels damn good to sleep when it’s raining.

When I started my training a few months earlier, I told myself I will beat my previous timing of 5:52:38. Now, I will be thankful if I can just complete the damn thing. To be frank, I was feeling more than half-hearted already, but went down on Saturday to collect my race entry pack anyway.

Adidas is doing this promotion where runners are encouraged to state their reasons for running. Here are some of the more inspiring ones I saw:

I Am Joining The Marathon Because:

- I am getting fat

- I want to get a free Adidas shirt

- I get to drink unlimited 100 Plus

- I can get a free massage at the end of the run

- I have nothing better to do

Sushi Eating Friend, who was with me at the fair, wisely remarked that my reason must be because I want to eat more KFC. She may be a very clever girl, but she is wrong this time because this is what I wrote when I got home that day:

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I am going to clip the message to the back of my shirt this Sunday. I wonder if she will notice.

With Love,
Sibeh Sian


Just got the news via Finicky Feline: Scarlett Ting has officially been promoted to a proud mother of one. I think I am chicken wuss because a 42.195km run is nothing compared to bearing a bundle of love for ten months and then braving the delivery room.

So to all mothers and would-be-mothers, I dedicate my marathon to all of you :)


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