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Thursday, December 07, 2006

The long and short about The Man Of Change

Ms Tan is seriously not happy with me.

First, I took an MC on Monday because my body was aching too much after the marathon. Then I infuriated her further upon my return when she caught me surfing blogs with the office PC.


Even though I have surmounted the challenge of completing the marathon, I am not really very happy recently. Being a Man of Action, I’ve thought it through and pinpointed the source of my misery to a number of reasons. I am trapped in a loveless relationship with my work, but can’t quit because my boss won’t pay me alimony. I get no respect from my co-workers, and my direct superior treats me like a maggot. I have no real assets to speak of even though I am hitting 30, and I’m a long-expired virgin who is sexually frustrated now because I lost 4 years’ worth of artistic films in an unfortunate computer crash.


I was pouring my woes to Sushi Eating Friend while lunching after the marathon. Besides her usual ‘Stop whining’ and ‘Get a life’, she offered a more practical advice this time: I need changes in my life. And she left it at that. I’m left pondering at her cryptic words, but it sounds rather wise and potentially useful. I’ve thus came up with a list of changes I will work on:

1) I will change my hairstyle
Sushi Eating Friend commented that I have had the same hairstyle since day one of uni till now. That is not true. My hair is sometimes short and sometimes long, depending on when was the last time I went to the barber’s.

2) I will change my diet
KFC may be the love of my life, but deep fried chicken with too much oil is not really good for my body in the long run. I’ve thus decided to switch to McDonald’s.

3) I will change my name
Obviously, this is the most drastic change of them all. In case you haven’t noticed, ‘Sibeh’ is not my real name; I am actually known as William in the real world. It served as a fine name until William Hung came along. Damn. Anyway, I wanted a more refined and elegant name that will speak volumes of my transformation, so I am Lorenzo Sian since Monday. My colleagues all laughed when I informed them of this change. I think they like it :)

Take notice world! I am a changed man!

With Love,
Sibeh ‘Lorenzo’ Sian


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