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Wednesday, February 14, 2007

The long and short about Valentine’s Day

Although this is my fifth day of being a jobless bum, I shall try not to be grumpy today because, lo and behold, it’s Valentine’s Day today! I sincerely wish you guys get laid today.

Frankly speaking though, Valentine’s got to be the suckiest holiday among holidays, because it’s not really a holiday. You get confronted by the horrible sight of couples getting all lovey-dovey on the trains. You get bombarded with icky yucky love dedications on the radio. And worst of all, you get overpriced food everywhere, except for KFC, which is one of the many reasons why KFC rocks :)

But despite the many reasons why Valentine’s is really a big con job, I recall fondly the many pleasant memories I had on the 14th of February.

1) I received a love letter from my Ah Lian crush when I was in sec 3, which goes something like “I not watching movie with you tonight. Nor any other nights. You get it or not, you kanina??!??!”

2) In my poly days, my penpal and I finally decided to meet up after writing to each other for years. I also saved up and bought her a Perlini Silver necklace. He looked very happy when he put the said necklace on.

3) I was the envy of all guys when I got to go on a Valentine’s date with my uni crush, who was drop dead gorgeous. She looked wonderful that night, the food was delicious, and the champagne was fine. But all of us decided not to get the insurance policy from her.

4) Last year, volunteers were sought to do overtime on Valentine’s. I was volunteered by Ms Tan, who said “Don’t be mean. Everybody else have dates.”

And that sums up the many wonderful Valentine’s I had. I’m sure I’ll have another wonderful evening tonight, because I’m spending it with a very special someone.

I hope Nerd don’t mind KFC.

With Love,
Sibeh “Lorenzo” Sian


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