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Friday, February 02, 2007

The long and short about Hard Work Usually Goes Unappreciated

It is only February, but my workload is getting heavier and heavier. I worked till 9:30pm last night, and here I am, back in the office again. I need a life!

But maybe I shouldn’t complain so much because it has not been an easy time for some of my other colleagues too. When I was waiting for the bus home, I saw my Boss zooming back to the office in his big ass Mercedes, with Sexy New Colleague beside him. I thought they saw me waving, but they must have been in a hurry because they just drove passed me hurriedly. The poor things, they are working even harder than I did! I thought about going back to help them in the office, but decided not to because I was really tired already.

That’s why I say life is unfair! I work so hard, but Ms Tan never has a good word to say about me. My Boss and Sexy New Colleague work so hard too, but all they get is nasty rumors that they are having an affair. It saddens me to know how malicious my colleagues can be at times. Maybe I should quash the rumors by telling them about how my Boss and Sexy New Colleague have been working late at night in the office while the rest are resting their lazy ass in front of the TV.

If only everyone can see the real picture like me!

With Love,
Sibeh “Lorenzo” Sian


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