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Tuesday, July 10, 2007

The long and short about The KFC Counter Girl


Nerd was looking kind of sad yesterday, so being the nice friend I am, I did something that I know will cheer him up immediately: I treated him to KFC.

I didn’t know being nice can lead to so many things:

1) We got more than what we bargained for, really. Instead of the two-piece meal we ordered, the counter girl gave us a three-piece meal by mistake. I feel like such a winner!

2) Nerd got more than what he bargained for, really. Nerd thinks the KFC Counter Girl likes him because she was smiling sweetly at him, and has since been bugging me to go KFC again. I happily obliged. Unfortunately, we didn’t get a free upgrade this time.

3) Office Bimbo think Nerd is nuts because in her own words, “She smiled at you because she is a counter girl, you idiot!”. She also tried to dissuade us from going to KFC again because she claims that KFC is bad for health. We think she is crazy because everybody knows KFC is wholesome goodness.

I am crossing my fingers that Nerd will take his relationship with KFC Counter Girl to a level beyond the KFC counter. She looks nice, with her cheerful smile and bouncy ponytail, and I think she and Nerd will make a really cute couple.

Not to mention, I can probably get to enjoy free KFC in the future :)!

With Love,
Sibeh Sian


That Nerd is obsessed!

He went for KFC for dinner again just now (I didn’t join him because even I can only stand so many pieces of chicken at one go). He happily SMSed me that he’s now 90% convinced KFC Counter Girl is interested in him because not only did she smiled at him, she also obliged his request for additional sachets of ketchup.



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