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Tuesday, September 04, 2007

The long and short about The Bearer Of Bad News III

Being the Sensitive Man I am, I decided to tell Nerd about his not-so-homely KFC Girl through some very subtle means:

1) I asked Nerd what does he think of girls who profess to love KFC, but also eats McDonald’s when no one is looking.
Nerd says that is perfectly ok. Damn, my analogy is lousy not very good.

2) I told Nerd that one of my friend’s girlfriend is two-timing him, and I don’t know what to tell him
That nerd told me that in this kind of situation, it is better to do nothing because True Love will take its course. WTH?!?!?

3) I asked Nerd what would he do if his KFC Girl is two-timing him.
His reply: “LOL! That will never happen :D!”

I was racking my brains for some better ways to hint him when he came over to my desk just now.

Nerd: Eh Mr Sian, were you trying to tell me something this morning?

Me: . . . . Nerd, you have to listen very carefully to what I am going to tell you now. *proceeds to hold him by the shoulders*

Me: . . . . Girls, you can’t trust them too much because they might end up breaking your heart ok?

Me: But guys are different! I will always be around here when you need me ok?

Nerd: . . . . Oh Mr Sian, you are so nice to me! *proceeds to give me a tight brotherly hug*

I have no idea why but Ms Tan chose that exact moment to enter our cubicle. She left without saying a word, but she looked very, very disturbed.

With Love,
Sibeh Sian


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