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Sunday, December 02, 2007

The long and short about My Very Very Long Run

To all you concerned folks out there: I’ve survived :D!!!!

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I know I have said this before, but I will say this again: I will not, I repeat, will not subject myself to this kind of torture ever again!

My day started horribly enough. Nerd offered to give me a ride all the way to the start point at Esplanade, but being the good friend I am I couldn’t take up his offer because that means the poor boy have to wake up at around 3 plus in the morning. However, I seriously regretted not taking advantage taking up his offer because my cab fare came to a staggering $30!!!!

As if that was not bad enough, the cab driver lost his way and I had to walk quite a distance to the starting line. I needed to pee urgently, but couldn’t because it was so near the start time already, damn. I eventually watered the bushes of Marina South, but I am now sibeh scared that the pics of my manhood will get STOMPed or something. Walau.

Even though I had the minimal of preparation, the completion of the marathon was made possible because of two main reasons:

1) I was mentally prepared of what I going to go through because this was my third marathon.

2) There were a lot, and I mean a lot of sexy girls to see in the marathon.

Man, you should be there to witness for yourself with regards to Point #02. There were toned babes running in the skimpiest of jogging shorts and sport bras, fresh-faced helpers who dished out the 100 Plus, and not forgetting the cheerleaders who went JIA YOU! JIA YOU! when I was panting like an idiot. I wasn’t that enthusiastic about the male cheerleaders though, heh :D

When I was finally reaching the finishing line, I saw someone whom I never thought I will be fated to meet in this marathon. But there was no mistaking the svelte figure in that familiar running attire and that bobbing ponytail tucked neatly in a pink jogging cap.

It was Ms Tan!!!!

Now I must say that usually I don’t exactly feel happy about bumping into her on the streets, but I was very excited because after a long run, you will be so happy to find a familiar face in a sea of strangers. So I called out to her and tried to catch up despite my legs which felt like lead.

She turned around when she heard me, and you wouldn’t believe what happened next: The unfeeling woman actually ignored me and started sprinting towards the finishing line!

I was obviously pissed by her open show of hostility, and thought to myself “Sian, you must show her who is The Man by finishing the race ahead of her.” So I picked up my pace and raced after her with the final ounce of energy that was left in me.

I have to hand it to Ms Tan. Despite being such an evil person she can sure run damn well. But I am not pushover of course, and was inching nearer and nearer until I finally came along side her.

Me: Ms Tan! Wait for me leh!!!!!

Ms Tan: . . . .

Me: Ms Tan, don’t like that leh!!!!

Ms Tan: . . . . Aiyoh just shut up lah you noisy man!!!!!

At that exact moment, Ms Tan lost her balance when some runner bumped into her, and to my horror, came falling towards my direction. Despite her evilness, I couldn’t let a fellow runner fall, and so I stretched my arms wildly with the hope of catching her.

And that was when she fell face-first into my sweaty left armpit.

Oh well.

With Love,
Sibeh Sian


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