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Wednesday, August 16, 2006

The long and short about The Complaint Letter

No relation to the previous posts , but Ms Tan has been breathing down my neck recently. My reports were returned with angry remarks and ugly red crosses, and just this afternoon, she screamed at me in front of the entire office for some silly typo mistakes.

I am feeling very tired and demoralized because I have been doing many, many hours of unpaid overtime recently, and her emotional abuse is getting a bit too much to take. I am only human too, and despite my mediocrity, I still have my pride.

Instead of keeping silent as I’ve usually done, I finally decided to do something about my situation. Being the courageous person I am, I sent an anonymous email to The Boss before I left the office just now. Here’s the email reproduced in its entirety:

“Dear Boss,

I have resisted sending this mail for the longest time, but there’s only so much shit this camel can carry on its back.

I am going to be very straight-forward here: It’s high time you give Ms Tan the sack.

Her behavior of late is highly unbecoming for someone of her stature. I have personally observed that she has been reporting for late by 5 minutes or more consistently over the last six months. If you think that’s bad, she has also left the work place way ahead of the stipulated ending work hours of 5:30pm. Sadly, you have been kept in the dark all this time because you come for work even later and leave for home earlier than Ms Tan. But that’s ok, because you are the Boss.

As if her unprofessional manners are not bad enough, Ms Tan is utterly devoid of any social skills. Just this afternoon, I observed her very public and unjustified verbal abuse of Mr Sibeh Sian, who is perhaps the most hardworking and able worker in the company (I personally observed him working many hours of unpaid overtime recently). I seriously urge you to send her for some anger management or EQ enhancement course. If not, I really fear for the day when some disgruntled and long-suffering subordinate might rise in rebellion the way the British students did in Les Miserables.

If termination is too drastic a move, I would suggest you demote Ms Tan by two levels to teach her some lessons in humility. In tandem with her demotion, I recommend the very virtuous Mr Sibeh Sian to take over her position. I’m sure he will do a smashing job because he is such an awesome worker. Just to illustrate, he has taken only 12 days of medical leave this year, compared to Ms Tan’s 16.

I urge you to give my recommendations some serious consideration.


Let’s pray that justice will be served!

With Love,
Sibeh Sian


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