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Monday, August 14, 2006

The long and short about The Visit: SM Remix

This entry is written for the many perverts out there, who sadistically wished that Ms Tan had ravaged my nubile and virginal body last Friday. This entry is also rated Mature (18). You have been warned. Heh.

Being the professional submissive I am, I took great pains to prepare for Ms Tan’s visit.

I cleaned up my room and perfumed the toilet. I played Michael Bolton’s When A Man Loves A Woman CD to get the mood going. I even lay a towel over my bed, just in case I bleed.

The above efforts may not seem much, but you are talking about a man who has kept his virginity intact for the past 27 years.

I then spent the next few hours waiting, waiting, and waiting. My heart skipped a beat when the door bell finally went ding-dong-ing.

It was Ms Tan.

And I was very, very disturbed because she was dressed like this:

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It felt quite awkward, so I tried to break the ice by offering her a drink. She told me she wanted a punch, but I didn’t have that and so I brought her some orange juice instead. I have no idea why, but she grew angry and ordered me to get down on all fours. Out of fear, I obliged.

Ms Tan: Sibeh Sian, you have been a very naughty boy.

Ms Tan: I know you have been bring the 3-in-1 coffee sachets from the office pantry home. You are going to get punished real hard today.

Me: Yes Mdm. . . .

Ms Tan: I CAN’T HEAR YOU! *Proceeds to whip me hard across my backside*


My butt felt numb and raw after getting smacked hard for the next ten or so minutes, but that was unfortunately not the end of my terrible ordeal. She ordered me to strip, and I unwillingly did so after she threatened to drip molten candle wax on me.

It was a terrible mistake. She grew livid when she saw me in my Hello Kitty underwear.

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She was so angry, she knocked me out cold with a baton.

When I regain consciousness, I knew my innocence was lost because my you-know-what felt very, very sore. I started tearing uncontrollably, but Ms Tan cruelly ignored me and started smoking. I managed to ask her this in between my sobs:

Me: Have you ever loved me?


I hope I won’t get pregnant.

With Love,
Sibeh Sian

P.S. Just in case you are wondering, I do not have any pink colored Hello Kitty underwear. Thanks.


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