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Thursday, January 31, 2008

The long and short about My Weekend Date

Over the years, I have grow to accept this uncomfortable fact of life: Hot, single, and very desirable Sweet Young Ex-Classmates will only approach me under the following circumstances:

1) When they are trying to sell me insurance.

2) When they are trying to con me into some lame-ass MLM scheme (You can make so much money, Sian :D!).

3) When they are getting married.

I received a call from my ex uni-mate just now, which was nothing short of amazing because she was like the number one hot babe in the faculty, and I was counting my lucky stars when I was randomly picked to be her project mate last time. Despite that, I think I have spoken less than 10 sentences with her sia, heh.

After some idle chatting, she casually asked if I was free this Friday, and I made the fatal mistake of saying ‘YES :D!’. And that is the reason why I will be attending her wedding tomorrow.

I tried to come up with some lame-ass excuse by saying I might cause distress to her guests because I have BO, but she assured me I smell perfectly fine. Oh well. I wonder when will it be my turn to con people into giving me ang pow sia :(

With Love,
Sibeh Sian

P.S. By the way what the current market rate for wedding ang pow huh? 5-star downtown hotel, weekend rate :(


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