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Thursday, January 10, 2008

The long and short about Nothing Much Really

Hello everyone :D!!!!

I know, I know. . . . I haven’t been blogging much! Being the good and obedient boy I am, I am sneaking in an entry now despite the watchful eyes of Ms Tan. For some unknown reason, I have been separated from my usual desk with Nerd, and relocated to a cubicle nearer to her office since the New Year office reno. Walau.

I am blogging in peril because if that woman catches me blogging, that will be the end of me sia. But hey, anything for you guys :)

I shall list down the reasons why I haven’t been blogging:

1) I was busy partying over Christmas and the New Year.
As in, I was playing Mario Party 8.

2) I am too sad to blog because the digits on my weighing scale keeps getting higher and higher.
Which is why I think McDonald’s 24 hr delivery should be banned.

3) I have been very busy watching the latest Art Films on the internet.
Heh heh heh :)

4) I was figuring out how to spend the $2 million I won from Toto.
Then I woke up, walau.

5) It’s fashionable to close your blogs nowadays. Really

It’s so true regarding the last point! Just read Ollie’s blog to see what I mean.

And trust me, when you have a life as boring as mine, there’s really nothing much to blog about really! You guys can’t imagine how difficult it is for me to blog. I will be staring at my monitor for don’t-know-how-long before I give up and go back to my Art Films instead. And the whole cycle repeats over and over again. Very siong I tell you.

It will only be a matter of thing before the only thing I blog about is what I have for breakfast. Serious!

With Love,
Sibeh Sian

P.S. On a happier sidenote, Nerd brought me to the sibeh atas Lawry’s for candlelight Christmas dinner. He is damn romantic sia :)


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