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Monday, May 22, 2006

The long and short about Me & My Nerdy Intern Part III

The Nerd is damn jialat. He has been making a lot of mistakes at work, and has been getting whacked left, right and centre by Ms Tan. I feel really bad for him because I know exactly how bad it feels to get whacked left, right and centre by Ms Tan.

Being the concerned supervisor I am, I wanted to have a pep talk with him, but I was too busy with Minesweeper serious work recently. I must also admit that I was still a bit miffed with him for scaring me the previous night. But just before I was about to make my way home last Friday, I knew I had to do something when I saw Nerd sobbing in front of the computer.

We had a heart-to-heart talk, and Nerd has a sad story to tell.

Remember him asking me for an early off last Monday? It turns out that that was his birthday. His date was this uni classmate whom he had a crush on for the longest time, and who promised to celebrate his birthday with him after he helped her with her projects and exam revisions. So Nerd spent two odd hours waiting at Jack’s Place before receiving an SMS saying that she’s not feeling well.

Then he received another SMS awhile later that goes, “I’ve chased away that irritating bug already hee hee :) See ya at NYDC. Luv luv, your sweetie ^-^!”

No wonder he has been looking even more sian than me for the past week. Again, I know exactly how he felt because similar sorts of heartbreak happened to me way back when I was in secondary school. For example, there was once when I wrote a love poem to my crush, who responded by getting her ah lian friends to give me a stern and unforgettable warning at the school loo. Male toilet some more.

So I told Nerd about my own sob stories, and we shared a good tear or two. We came to the common conclusion that some girls are just not worth it, and resolve that we shall henceforth not be toyed around by women anymore. We were also very happy to find kindred spirits in each other, and proceeded to give each other a hug to cement our new found ‘buddy’ status.

Office Bimbo caught us in the middle of our brotherly hug when she passed by our cubicle. She looked very, very disturbed.

With Love,
Sibeh Sian


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