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Friday, July 21, 2006

The long and short about You Cha Kueh

*I was told the following story by Office Bimbo, who swears it is true*

Before I joined the company, there was a period of time when the building was infested with rats.

Ok, I’m just exaggerating. There were just a few sightings, but it was enough to make the building management to call in the exterminators. As one of the extermination measures, all occupants of the building were required to record the type of food that they bring in at the security counter log book.

The story goes that my Boss was stopped by a security guard when he refused to log down the breakfast he brought one morning.

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Yummy yum yum

Boss: Aiyah! It’s just ‘you cha kueh’! No need to write down one lah!

Security Guard: Cannot, my boss say everything also must record, if not I will get sacked one!

Boss: Don’t worry! I know your boss! It’s ok one!

Security Guard: Don’t care, either you eat finish your ‘you cha kueh’ now or you write down the details at the log book.

The heated exchange continued until my Boss finally realized he is not going to get to his office if that continues. So he finally logged down the particulars after muttering a not-so-quiet ‘hong gan’ under his breath.

Before he could take the lift to our office though, he was stopped by the security guard who came running after him.

Security Guard: Oei Mister! You are too much lah! How can you write F U C K under the ‘Food Brought In’ section in my log book?

Boss: Don’t be crazy lah!

Boss: I was just using an abbreviation.

Boss: It stands for Fried U Cha Kueh.

Very, very naughty.

With Love,
Sibeh Sian


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