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Wednesday, December 31, 2008

The long and short about Goodbye 2008, Hello 2009 :)

HELLO HELLO HELLO EVERYBODY :D! A very Happy 2009 to everybody ah :D!!!!

Yes yes, I know it’s been a very, very long time since I last updated, and I am very paiseh about for MIAing. But I have a very, very good reason for not updating: I got promoted!

To cut a long story short, The Boss told me he was really pleased with my performance during our annual appraisal earlier this year (totally unrelated, but I would like to mention here that my Boss is a man of great virtue and intelligence). He decided that the lowly position of Miscellaneous Executive is too lowly for a person of such incredibly high caliber (my words, not his, ahem).

I am pleased to announce here that I now hold the highly coveted position of Senior Miscellaneous Executive :).

But to be frank, I felt I did not deserve the promotion because truth to be told, the best contribution I had for the company was to improve the high scores of Minesweeper in the office computers. But the $50 increment that came with the promotion was just too tempting and so I couldn’t say ‘no’ to the man. I decided to make up for my past indiscretions by being doubly hard at work, which explains the grand total of three posts this miserable blog enjoyed in 2008. Yes, you probably can tell that I am a Changed Man now. Sibeh Sian is now a Sibeh Hardworking Man :)!

Anyway, I don’t mean to be hao lian, but being a Senior Miscellaneous Executive really has its perks. Not only did I get the above-mentioned $50 increment, I also got a one-time bonus of $100 NTUC voucher (which I gave to my grateful mum) and a kick-ass Popular membership card. Plus, I get to put the word ‘Senior’ on my name card. Like I said, I’m not a hao lian, but I painstakingly underlined the word ‘Senior’ just in case people miss that word :)

But the biggest perk of getting promoted is that I finally, finally got my own office, which comes with my own big-ass LCD TV :)! You can’t tell how happy I am because I seriously was getting a little bit sick of squeezing together with Nerd in our tiny, smelly little cubicle. We were seriously a little bit too close for comfort, and with gossip-mongers like Office Bimbo around, my reputation as an innocent straight boy could have been affected sia. Hiaz. . . . I really hope to meet my One True Love and settle down in 2009 sia :(

The only person who didn’t take too kindly to my promotion was Ms Tan. I swear man, this woman is out to destroy my career. She told The Boss upfront that I wasn’t deserving of the promotion, and even threatened to quit if he didn’t rescind his decision.

She is just like that evil woman in Little Nonya sia.


Sad to say, my stoopid Boss managed to dissuade Ms Tan from leaving by bribing her with a promotion. I thought about reporting him to CPIB or counter-propose by threatening to quit if he goes ahead with her promotion, but decided not to because I am basically hum ji a nice guy :)

Anyway, I’ve resolved to make peace with Ms Tan because now that I’m in such a Senior position, I can’t afford to be that petty anymore. I know she hates my guts because she thinks I slack at work, so over the past year I’ve been working very hard to correct that misconception.

Alas, I realized that it’s actually very hard to be hardworking because there really isn’t much work to be done in my company. But even though there are no opportunities for me to be hardworking, I’ve come to this realization that I have to appear hardworking anyway so that I won’t get despised by Ms Tan.

I thus made the painful decision of smuggling in my Wii to the office. Everyday without fail, I will summon Nerd into my office, lock the door, and then play our Wii Wii the whole day long under the pretence of working, heh. I am proud to announce here that we have completed Zelda thrice over sia :)

We were almost caught once when Ms Tan demanded to be let into my office, but we were very smart and asked for some time to clean up the room because of coffee spillage while we quickly kept my Wii Wii, heh. Besides that small hitch, I think my hard work at appearing to be hardworking has been working really well because people have been giving us approving smiles whenever we meet them in the pantry, haha.

In fact, my Boss has arranged for another performance appraisal with me next week. Maybe he is thinking of promoting me to an even more Senior position :). Do wish me luck :D!!

Here’s wishing everyone a great 2009 :)!

With Love,
Sibeh Sian