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Tuesday, October 06, 2009

The long and short about WARNING: IMPOSTER ALERT!

Hello everyone :D!!!!

Yes yes, I've not been blogging for ages, so paiseh, haha.... Anyway, it was brought to my attention recently that someone is impersonating me and leaving comments all over other blogs.

The scary thing is that this imposter has copied my template wholesale (archives and all) and his/her replica is an exact mirror image of this blog! If you think that's scary, I heard he even copies the same brand of underwear I wear (Crocodile, if you must know).

Haha, I was kidding about the last part of course... I think. Anyway, have no fear because here's how to differentiate the imitation from this dead blog :D! This is how the real blog looks like, with the blog address spelt in full:


The fake link through the imposter’s account is spelled with a double ‘ii’:


My real profile page shows my original joining date of March 2006:


The imposter joined on October 2009 with a lower view count:


So please don’t get fooled :D! I bear absolutely no responsibility if you’re conned into lending money for the fake SibehSiian :D!

Ok, that’s all :)! Wishing everyone a very happy 6 Oct 2009 :)!

With Love,
Sibeh Sian

P.S. Sibeh Sian likes to let everyone know that he is very touched and appreciative that there are still friends who click on this blog even though it’s been neglected for such a long time, with no signs of getting resurrected. He promises to write more if he ever strikes Toto (top prize, sole winner, at least twice) and escapes from his life as a lowly office dweller :)